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Feb 2021

Thanks to the SCA Grounds and Waterway Crew, several trees and limbs were removed from the canal.

2020 Every Day is Canal Day

We regret to inform you that we will not be hosting our traditional Canal Day event on the last Sunday in June 2020.  We all know the reason why.  

Canal Day is our biggest annual fundraiser and the proceeds usually enable us to maintain the area, keep the land and water trails open, host our other events, and partner with other great organizations.  We are starting to plan a smaller event for late summer or early fall and we will keep you updated. 

Now that you know that we are canceling our annual event this year, we’ll let you in on a little secret.  Canal Day is every day!   Lock 60, the towpath, and land and water trails are more popular than ever and we need to remind everyone that it is a shared space that a variety of people use for a variety of reasons.  We ask that you respect trail closures, area property owners, and others when visiting our great area. 

We know it is not the best time to fundraiser but we have to do it if we want to stick around.  We hope to come up with a few creative ways to encourage you to support us in 2020.  Which is a better t-shirt? No Canal Day 2020 or 2020 Every Day is Canal Day?

See you soon,


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Where is the Schuylkill Canal?


Spotted Lanternfly

Control Activities:

Lock 60 has been selected for Spotted Lanternfly control activities in partnership with the Montgomery County Conservation District, in an effort to combat this destructive invasive pest. Ailanthus altissima, invasive "Tree-of-Heaven," is the preferred host of the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF). A qualified licensed contractor will be killing the invasive Tree-of-Heaven throughout the selected parks and treating select trees with systemic insecticide, through establishment of "trap trees," to kill the Spotted Lanternfly which feed on these trees. This work presents no harm to humans, animals or the environment and work is being carried out in accordance with PA state protocols and standards.

For general information about the Spotted Lanternfly, visit Penn State Extension's website: 


2019 SCA Newsletter

Article - The Building of the Schuylkill Navigation System, 1815-1828 

by Edward J. Gibbons, Siena College 

Message Regarding 2017 Water Lettuce Clean Up

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