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Canal Day is June 24, rain or shine, scroll down for more information. 

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Sunday, June 24th, 9 AM to 5 PM

36th Annual Canal Day

Lock 60 at Schuylkill Canal Park, 400 Towpath Rd., Mont Clare, Pa. 

The SCA invites the community to its 36th annual event.  At Lock 60 and St. Michael’s Park in Mont Clare, PA (right across the river from Phoenixville). This day full of family-oriented fun along the Schuylkill Canal Park includes food, music, kids' events, competitive activities such as the Schuylkill River Trail Run, the Canoe/Kayak 5-Mile Water Trail Race, and the International and World Renown Canal Joust. A parking fee of $5/car will be collected upon entering St. Michael’s Park to Lock 60. Please be advised, Towpath Road will be closed to vehicular traffic, starting at 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM, A handicap-accessible shuttle bus will bring people back and forth, free-of-charge, from the parking area all day. 

For additional information, call (610) 917-0021 or visit www.schuylkillcanal.org.

SCA Volunteer's Maintaining Navigation in the Schuylkill Canal

A special thank you to the volunteers that braved 6 deg F temperatures for 5 hrs performing tree removal last Sunday, the coldest day in modern history. Cold temperatures, for an extended period, provided a rare opportunity to safely access areas of the canal for tree work. Trees were worked from or dropped onto the ice as had not previously been possible.

In addition to tree removal from Route 29 to the Fitzwater Station, trees were removed from structural walls in the canal forebay above the lock gates. In total, an estimated 25 problem trees greater than 6” diameter and countless nuisance limbs were removed as planned, without incident.

Please think of their work as you paddle under tree limbs during the warm comfortable months.

List of volunteers 
Lorraine Phillips
Mikael Stokes
John White
Steve Kosak
Todd Welsh
Chris Zeliznak
Strickland Kneass
Kevin McDonnell
Cory Reid
Wayne Martin

2 unknown volunteers from Black Rock Rd and 113 that came late morning and provided momentum extending work to 2 pm.

There was another volunteer (the guy in the Cabella's sweatshirt). Used to be a Mont Clare local. The two other guys were from up around the Farm Park.

Thanks to all that helped!

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