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1. Black Rock Dam:

located at the head of the Schuylkill Canal in Mont Clare. The concrete platform shown, put in place after the Schuylkill Navigation ceased operation in the 1950s contains pipes allowing water to enter the forebay. The forebay is the long body of water shown inside the guard wall between the dam and the lock and is the main source of water to the canal.


2. Lock 60:

the inlet lock to the Schuylkill Canal in Mont Clare. Restored to its 1860 canal era setting in 2005, Lock 60 includes fully operational wooden miter gates, a locktender’s shanty, and a wooden truss bridge allowing passage over the lock chamber to SCA’s welcome center in the 1836 Locktender’s House. Various recreational features are available at Lock 60: boat access to the river and canal, trails leading both up and downstream, good fishing spots, and plenty of parking areas as well as restroom facilities.


3. Above the Railroad Bridge:

an arched bridge of the former Schuylkill Valley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad crosses the Schuylkill Canal in Mont Clare. The paved towpath road from both sides of the railroad bridge is shown and indicates a safe and level road to hike or bike or pull off to set up for an afternoon of fishing and outdoor activity.


4. The Store House:

a ruin of a grain storage house used during the operation of the canal is situated on the edge of the towpath along the canal in Port Providence. The Fitzwater Station, a restaurant and tavern on the canal, is located across the bridge and just a few hundred yards upstream from the ruin on Canal St. The natural towpath shown leads to the downstream end of the canal in Port Providence.


5. Canoe Portage Canal-side:

kayakers and canoeist paddle the 5-mile water trail loop regularly that takes you downriver to the portage, a wide opening in the brush well maintained as a passage from the river to the canal. Shown is the opening to the portage on the canal-side. It is located close to the end of the canal in Port Providence on the west side of the natural towpath trail. Landmarks are the industrial building, Smurfit Stone, across from the canal right at the bend to Longford Rd. and high tension wires crossing overhead of the opening.


6. End of Canal & Spillway

the current day terminus of the 2.5-mile Schuylkill Canal. Parking is available for hikers, bicyclists, dog walkers and naturalists to enjoy the area as you walk around the end of the canal to the river trails and natural towpath. Today, the outfall of the canal back to the river is through a modern concrete box culvert with a steel grate covering allowing easy passage across to the towpath.


7. Canoe Portage River-side:

Shown is the concrete slab boat launch at the portage on the river-side. It is located 2.5-miles downstream from Lock 60 on River Left. Boaters will exit the river here at the wide opening in the river bank sloping up to the portage. Traverse across land to the canal and then paddle the canal back up to Lock 60. Landmarks are the high-tension wires that lay low between the east and west side of the river right at the end of an island and the wide opening with concrete slabs laid into the bank on River Left.



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